Can one artist change the entire industry?

In a world full of greenwashing, where words are plenty and actions sparse, one man, Stig Brenner, also known as Unge Ferrari, aspires to create real change. In 2019, he signed The Green Rider, a list of requirements that artists can propose towards festivals and concert organizers in order to make these venues greener. This year he is taking it one step further.

Stig is currently working on his new album and planning his next tour. At the crossroad between music and science, hope and hopelessness, Stig meets a number of experts where he aims is to explore what it takes to create a green shift within the music industry, and how he can contribute towards becoming part of the solution.

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Vi bruker informasjonskapsler for å analysere trafikken vår. Velger du å signere "The Green Rider" vil signaturen din vil bli lagret i 90 dager etter kampanjen er over og vil deretter bli slettet fra våre systemer. Vi går ut fra at det er greit for deg. Les mer om personvern her.