• Reduce fossil fuels.
  • Serve less meat.
  • Avoid single-use plastics.
  • Use low emission transport.
  • Limit and recycle waste.

Take a stance for a cleaner planet by supporting the artists' pledge for getting music festivals to become more sustainable!

Sign The Green Rider
Unge Ferrari
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The Green Rider

We, the artists are sending out this Green Rider to help create green change in the music industry. Our goal is to inspire music festivals all over the world to introduce and sustain as many green routines as possible.

Here are our green demands:

  1. Reduce fossil fuels

    Please, make sure to use as much renewable energy as possible. Remember that connecting to the power grid is much better for the planet than power generators running on fossil fuels. Also, please make sure that air condition/cooling only is being used when needed, and make sure that heating/cooling is turned on shortly before arrival. Please switch off light bulbs and other lights when nobody is using the room or area.

  2. Serve less meat

    We prefer a menu consisting mainly of organic food, mostly plant-based, meaning it has a low amount of meat. Please keep food waste at a minimum. No use of palm oil and only fish that has been greenlighted by the WWF Sustainable Seafood Guide.

  3. Avoid single-use plastics

    We would like you to reduce the use of plastic water bottles, plastic cups, polystyrene, straws or stirrers, plastic bags, needless packaging to be used both backstage and in public areas. We would also like to have portable water for refills, reusable serve ware (plates, cutlery, cups) and avoid food with excessive or non-recyclable packaging. If reusable food packaging is not an option – food should be served in compostable packaging that can be recycled as organic waste. Please provide access to water refill with sturdy reusable cups/bottles for use on stage.

  4. Use low emission transport

    If possible, please provide the greenest transport available for the artist and audience. For example, use electric, or hybrid, vehicles in transfers in and out of the festival, or make sure that you are using vehicles with the lowest footprint of carbon dioxide possible. Promote walking, biking and public transportation amongst your audience.

  5. Limit and recycle waste

    Please avoid unnecessary waste by not producing or handing out single-use objects or free stuff. Promote good recycling by providing clearly labeled bins for easy separation, including for example organic waste, plastics, paper and non-recyclables. Please provide clear information about what can, and can’t, be collected for recycling or reuse. We wish to work with venues who reduce waste, and work towards a closed loop of materials and a high recycling rate.

So far, these artists have signed The Green Rider:

  • Sigrid
  • Unge Ferrari
  • Misty Coast
  • Pom Poko
  • Thea Hjelmeland
  • Odin Staveland
  • Mae
  • Tommy Tee
  • Dark on Tuesdays
  • Label
  • Sondre Justad
  • Bendik
  • Vamp
  • Spidergawd
  • Moving Oos
  • The New Death Cult
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