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The initiative

A “rider” is a list of artists demands, including everything from the stage setup to food and drinks that are available backstage. Organizers of festivals and concerts go to great lengths to ensure that these demands are met accordingly.

With “The Green Rider”, we offer artists an opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint through clear and consistent environmental demands to concert and festival organizers around the world. What better way for artists to use their influence to have a positive impact on the environment, right?

As a leading Nordic clean energy and recycling company, Fortum wishes to address the need for festivals to operate in a more sustainable and energy-efficient manner. That is why Fortum, together with the Øya festival has taken the initiative for “The Green Rider”.

We have engaged a number of Norway's most prominent artists such as Stig Brenner, Sigrid, Tommy Tee, Sondre Justad and Bendik to name a few. In addition, one of the Nordic region's largest booking agencies, All Things Live, has joined the initiative and will work to ensure that all their artists use The Green Rider. Together we are working towards a greener future.

Vi bruker informasjonskapsler for å analysere trafikken vår. Velger du å signere "The Green Rider" vil signaturen din vil bli lagret i 90 dager etter kampanjen er over og vil deretter bli slettet fra våre systemer. Vi går ut fra at det er greit for deg. Les mer om personvern her.